• Muhammad Imran, Zehara Sultana, Sharjeel Ahmed


The primary goal of this study was to determine how student-teacher interactions impact secondary school pupils' academic performance in District West Karachi. This was proficient by employing a descriptive survey design and a simple random sampling technique to pick study sample of 400 secondary students and 330 secondary teachers (SST). The Student-Teacher Relationship Questionnaire (STRQ) was used to gather data, and regression analysis was used to evaluate a number of hypotheses. According to the study's findings, building a supportive learning environment and keeping regular communication between students and teachers great impact on the academic performance of secondary students in West Karachi district. Specifically, the beta values of the independent variables, classroom activities for Systematic Communication (214), and Forming a Learning Setting (223) demonstrated that these aspects had a major impact on the secondary school students' performance, which was the dependent variable. The study concluded that in order to cultivate strong relationships, students should actively participate in class activities, respect their professors, and keep in regular contact with them. Furthermore, it recommended that teachers should work on improving their interpersonal relationships with students to enhance their academic performance. Leveraging their teaching experience, teachers were encouraged to establish interesting and engaging personal connections with students to inspire their pursuit of academic excellence. The significance of this study extends to educators, policymakers, and other stakeholders in the field of education. It highlights the vital role of the student-teacher relationship in improving students' academic performance and provides practical recommendations for nurturing positive relationships in the classroom. By following these suggestions, educators can create a more supportive and conducive learning environment that positively impacts the academic outcomes of secondary school students.




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